Our granulated blended fertilisers are designed to reduce wastage and give you optimum plant uptake. How? 

  • Granulated dicalcic fertilisers are more effective than the powdered forms of these products; they release the nutrients they contain at a steady rate, providing nutrients for plant growth over a longer time.
  • Your nutrients aren’t leaching away with the weather to where they’re not needed or into waterways – they’re getting down to business.
  • This means with Dicalcic you need less P to get the job done.
  • Because of its citric-solubility the release rate of P from granulated Dicalcic is mediated by plant growth - as plants take up more phosphate, more P is released. There’s no wastage or over supply, which can happen with superphosphate. The P is released slowly and steadily as required. Less chance of P lockup, less chance of loss via runoff or leaching.
  • Dicalcic also helps mobilise nutrients in the soil because of its soil pH neutralising affect, so you’re mobilising existing soil nutrients – that’s more sustainable for your environment and your wallet.
  • As it’s a compound fertiliser application is much simpler, combining lime and P in one spread – and seed can also be added as well.

Dicalcic offers much more clean and efficient application and effectiveness than superphosphate – find out more about TerraCare Dicalcic.